Some Big News! / by Mario Elias

In recent weeks, my life has been on quite the rollercoaster-whirlwind-death-drop-up-in-the-air-slip-sliding-down-a-rabbit-hole kind of tip. I am sorry for being a little quiet or slow to respond. Stress doesn't do me well. Haha

BUT, all emotional and personal life skruggles aside. Professionally, I have some big news!!! With three HUGE photography jobs coming up this month, I am extremely excited to say that I am finally kicking up some gravel and starting this journey, camera in hand. (Nikon, duh.) 

Stay tuned for some upcoming projects, including some fashion and editorial spreads that I will be shooting for the style and news outlet, I am handling the Winter Style Guide/Gift Guide, and I cannot be more excited. SHOOTING STARTS TOMORROW. (I need some serious positive energy thrown at me, guys. SO NERVOUS.)

And for my final little nugget of news... This awkward little ball of Cuban energy was recently approached by JE Model SF while bartending...  Below you will find my very first shoot in front of the lens! Photography by Roberto Gaxiola, styling by Haley Burgstahler. 

I'm not sure where this path will lead me, but I am extremely excited to give it a shot! I cannot wait to keep you all updated on everything.